Zoë’s Approach

A coaching, not consulting led approach:

“Launching any new project is daunting. For many of my clients, resistance to change is a common theme affecting staff, customers and stakeholders. Getting the whole business to ‘buy -in’ and have confidence in necessary change can be one of the most challenging elements of project management. It’s often the case that the skills required to overcome these barriers are not naturally available within an existing workforce, so bringing in an external resource as a temporary measure can be the perfect solution to ensure project success. That’s where I come in.” – Zoë Findon, Founder Purple Patch PMO

Purple Patch PMO seeks to provide support to any organisation looking to complete a change or project. Purple Patch can act as the Project Manager, provide templates and governance or simply provide facilitation and guidance at various points in your project. All without having to engage someone full-time, but while still providing the structure and control you wish for.

The success of Purple Patch PMO lies in a unique blend of practical real-world experience and a fresh approach to the business of… business.  Zoë is driven by a desire to solve immediate problems and support others long term, describing herself as a “champion of those who want to give it a go”.  Zoë’s approach enables her clients to achieve success, whether in their personal life or the corporate world.

Key benefits of applying this “coaching not consulting” approach include;

  • Overcoming barriers more easily
  • Encouraging staff to feel empowered and included
  • Creation of advocates to support project rollout
  • Promoting long-term team development
  • Flexible and adaptable solutions to meet your own objectives and business needs

Using her “Vision into Plan” method, teamed with collaboration and open communication, Zoë has a skill for completing projects whilst positively engaging those involved in the process along the way.  Combining professional coaching principles with project management best practice is a winning formula bringing impressive results time and again, (visit our testimonials page to see what real clients have to say about the Purple Patch method )

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