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What Does Purple Patch Mean?

A ‘purple patch’ is a run of success. Perfect for any project.

So, what is a PMO?

A PMO is a Project or Programme Management Office. It provides guidance to board members on strategy and alignment of projects, it gives structure and governance to Projects and often manages the project managers, providing an impartial view of project progress, risks and issues.

And, Purple Patch PMO?

Purple Patch PMO seeks to provide any and all of the above to any organisation looking to complete a change or project. Purple Patch can act as the Project Manager, provide templates and governance or simply provide facilitation and guidance at various points in your project. All without having to engage someone full-time, but while still providing the structure and control you wish for.

How would Purple Patch PMO work for me?

Purple Patch PMO seeks to make the most of remote working technology to be able to provide the support you need, when you need, at a low cost.
On-site facilitation is also available and provides a great opportunity to get a team established and to set up Project plans and Risk Management documentation. The aim of any on-site facilitation is to share knowledge and information.  Video technology can often be a close second to real life face to face.
When you first contact Purple Patch PMO time will be taken to ensure that all parties are confident in how they will work together.
(In many ways Purple Patch PMO is similar to a Virtual PA, the difference being over 20 years experience in Change Management but, the model is the same.)

What Software does Purple Patch PMO Use?

Purple Patch PMO will adapt to what ever software you use. We use Wrike and Smartsheet as a handy collaboration tools, sometimes integrated with Slack and Asana, so we can build templates etc, but can also utilise MS Project, or even basic Excel if that suits you best.

The idea is to make project’s simpler for you, not to complicate it with difficult to use plans and reports.

What if I want to do it all myself or at least in-house?

Then that’s great. I am assuming you found this website because you were to simplify or improve the chances of your project succeeding? Or you wanted to improve the visibility of how your project is progressing. Purple Patch PMO can provide as much or as little support as your plans need. We can provide a few hours guidance to get you up and running, help you find structure for your plan. We can provide you with the templates you need to run more than one project, or the reports to keep on top of your targets. We can set you up to succeed and be there to call on when needed.

But what tangibles can Purple Patch PMO provide?

The are so many different documents involved in planning and tracking a project, and with more than 20 years change management experience Purple Patch PMO has probably completed them all more than once!  Here are a few of the documents most commonly utilised:
  • Project Initiation Document – setting out the objectives and governance of a project along with any constraints and timelines (can include the scope of the project, although this may be in a separate document).
  • Project Plan – yes the big one- ensuring that everything that needs to be done is captured and, very importantly, assigned to someone to do. This also ensures that all the resources (things) required to complete a task are known. Also an important function of the plan is to make sure that the project is achievable in an acceptable timescale. Often there is push / pull relationship between resources and time!
  • Risk and Issues (and decisions) Log – RAID – this document allows any potential risks to be documented so they can then be minimised and hopefully prevented from becoming Issues. It is also extremely important to document Decisions that are made. This often prevents the same questions going around and around slowing down progress and also ensures that everyone knows what has been decided.
Okay, so these are three biggies and then of course there are Stakeholder packs – ensuring all interested parties are engaged and that any decisions needing making can be agreed at appropriate levels. Individual action plans, holiday logs…
Purple Patch PMO can help with the heavy lifting of all these and more, either building templates, completing first drafts or managing through to project completion.
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